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Easy & Affordable Divorces for Only $249

Save in Attorney Fees

Divorce WomanStarting your online divorce using Cut the Knot is a fast, easy, affordable process that could save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees. Divorce is painful enough without having the additional added stress of attorney fees and back and forth meetings. Our goal is to make this process as painless as possible so that you can put the past behind you and start your new life.

You can complete the online divorce process in the privacy of your home or other location where you have an Internet-enabled computer. charges $249 for your divorce -- total. This includes all state-specific legal documentation, state-specific help, and step-by-step guidelines on what, when, and how to file the documents necessary for your divorce.

Starting Your Online Divorce is Easy

  • First, you will select your state.
    Divorce laws vary between states. Each state may have different requirements for filing. If you and your spouse live in different states, you may want to check the laws in both states to determine which one would be less difficult.

  • Second, you will create your account.
    To begin your divorce process, create an account. Cut the Knot will guide you through the rest of the process step-by-step. If you have questions, we have provided easily accessible online help.

  • Print Your Forms
    When you have completed the online forms, print and sign all forms. You can then file your forms with your state. You may even be able to fax or mail your forms depending on your state’s requirements.

Cut the Knot will guide you through each step of the divorce process. Just follow along to begin your online divorce process.

Start divorce Cut the Knot - Begin your online divorce.
It is not the intent of this website to provide any legal advice, assistance or services whatsoever in any state or jurisdiction. The sole and express purpose of this website is to provide forms that will need to be independently drafted by the end user. Any information or product provided by this website is not intended in any way to be a substitute for personal legal advice or service. You should seek the advice of an attorney in the state where you live if you have any questions whatsoever about how to prepare any forms offered by this website or about how to file for Divorce.

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